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We offer sketchbooks at exclusive, discounted prices for education staff. Please log-in or sign up for a new user account to access them.

We know the importance of art for developing skills that go beyond the canvas & how access to art can lead to a greater quality of life. We also know that education establishments sometimes need an extra bit of help keeping to ever-tightening budgets.

This is why we offer an exclusive set of discounted prices to schools, colleges and universities, and further discounts for ordering our sketchbooks online. Create an account or log-in to access our cheapest education rates, or contact us to request a catalogue.

A pack of 3 square sketchbooks in assorted banana tissue paper covers.

We are renowed for seemingly endless options when it comes to sketchbooks. We have a menagerie of colourful, professional and decorative covers. Plus bunches of sizes and orientations to chose from to suit all of your student's projects.

A pack of 3 sketchbooks in assorted silk tissue paper covers.

Our whole range of colours and covers sandwich a varaiety of luxury papers, with different tones and weights. All our papers are availalbe at education prices so you don’t have to compromise on quality for your student's work.

A pack of 5 pigscape sketchbooks in assorted banana tissue paper covers.